“On a Sunday Morning”. A new original by Rebecca Martin.

On A Sunday Morning
R. Martin

What’s true for some
Just like a song could break your heart
When the sum is framed
To mislead them all
The fated cast

With the chances slim to none
Whenever the moment comes
To it may they rise.

For the years were long
and the night time too
On a Sunday morning
They’d had enough and the world had too
On a Sunday morning.

Now the chances are slim to none
Whenever the moment comes
To it may you rise.

For the years were long
and the night time too
On a Sunday morning
She’d had enough
and the world had too
On a Sunday morning.

UPSTATE featuring the collaboration of Rebecca Martin and Guillermo Klein



Live at the Falcon 1348 Rte. 9W Marlboro, NY 212/236-7970


Monday, 11/17, 24


Monday, 12/1, 15, 22

*12/8: Guillermo Klein Special Workshop Concert


Special Guests:

11/17: Lee Falco (Percussion)

11/24: Sara Serpa (Voice)

12/1: Diego Urbano (Vibraphone)

12/15 and 12/22: Chris Cheek and Mark Turner (Tenor Saxophone)



MONDAY, October 13th 2014

UPSTATE featuring Rebecca Martin (voice/guitar), Guillermo Klein (voice/piano) and Larry Grenadier (bass) to perform at Live at the Falcon in Marlboro, NY.  The group will start their weekly residency starting on Monday, November 17th, 2014.  

Marlboro, NY:  “It was on my bucket list to work with Guillermo” Rebecca Martin confides. “For a decade, I was just waiting for the right project”

In early 2014, the notable Singer/Songwriter Rebecca Martin and acclaimed composer Guillermo Klein started their journey together.

“Rebecca’s voice, her tone and the way it feels – beautify present on every project of hers that I heard.” Guillermo Klein says. “When she reached out on her idea of a collaboration, I couldn’t have been happier.”

“I would send him my songs and he’d send his too. Eventually, I just started writing lyrics to his. I was completely taken by his new work, which came as no surprise. In Jazz, singers tend to stick to the ‘American Songbook’ or write their own material. It occurred to me that it would be important to make the songs of modern composers accessible to singers. Guillermo’s music is ripe for that.”

Both musicians, Martin originally from Maine and Klein from Argentina now live in the Hudson Valley. The two have called their collaboration UPSTATE.  It also includes world renowned bassist LARRY GRENADIER.  The three start their residency at “Live at the Falcon” in Marlboro, NY for weekly performances beginning on Monday, November 17th through the middle of December.

“Now with at least a dozen compositions, we are really looking forward to playing and developing the music live in preparation for a recording in 2015.” Martin says. “Our drummer Jeff Ballard currently lives in Europe, but will meet up with us in in 2015 for the recording.”

Throughout their residency at the Falcon in Marlboro, UPSTATE will host a weekly guest to perform their music that includes Lee Falco (drums/percussion), Sara Serpa (Vocals), Diego Urbano (Vibraphone), Chris Cheek (Tenor Saxophone) and Mark Turner (Tenor Saxophone).

For more information, contact Larrecca Music Management atlarrecca@gmail.com


LISTEN: To Guillermo Klein’s “Just Like The Rain“. Lyrics by Rebecca Martin.


New Video: “Don’t Mean A Thing At All” By Rebecca Martin


DON’T MEAN A THING AT ALL (from the album TWAIN)
R. Martin

When all of the house lights are taken down
And all of the people there
That traveled for hundreds of miles around
To hear their songs fill the air
Their beauty, the quiet and heaviness
The shadows they recall
Don’t mean a thing at all

A song would begin with a feeling
That’s had when the melody came
The words are assembled then written
Its meaning is somewhat relayed
On tip toes and reeling through misty eyes
The writing’s on the wall
Don’t mean a thing at all

Before the night gets underway
Your mind could change
What once was true that very day
Is now not the same

And there’s no way she could know
You couldn’t tell her so
The only way to live it was by giving it a go
No doubt there’ll be something for everyone
When turning every stone
She can’t leave well enough alone

Rebecca Martin & Larry Grenadier. “Portrait” by Charles Mingus.

Words and music by Charles Mingus

I’ve seen all kinds of pictures
Most of the beauties of the world
From places I’ve traveled I still recall
This quaint melody as I thrill

Painting my own pictures in tones
I’ve painted all mother earth
Both flowers that brave the morn
Tones color the life she’s borne

I’ve tried to paint her beauties
From radiant skies to deep blue seas
The sky as she changes her glamour
Dawns pale blue sunsets amber

The winds and the vains
The lull on the plains
Leaves on the ground
Mountains gray brown
Tipped with a dash of glowing white snow.

Rebecca Martin Tour Dates Fall, 2014

Rebecca Martin will be performing this fall
as a duo with Bassist Larry Grenadier.


Thursday, August 28th
Soundwaves Concert Series
Westport, NY

Thursday, October 30th
Palm Jazz Festival
Gilwice, Poland

Saturday, November 1st
Geneve, Switzerland

Sunday, November 2nd
Enjoy Jazz Festival
Mannheim, Germany

Tuesday, November 4th
La Faiencerie
La Tronche, France

Wednesday, November 5th
Porgy & Bess
Vienna, Austria

Thursday, November 6th
Budapest Jazz Club
Budapest, Hungary

Sunday/Monday, November 9/10
Musik Akademie Basel
Concerts and Masterclasses
Basel, Switzerland

For more information contact:

Anteprima Productions
Reno Di Matteo

Rebecca’s Collaborative Group TILLERY Live in LA, CA (9/25/13)

Watch Rebecca Martin’s collaborative group TILLERY (Rebecca Martin, Gretchen Parlato and Becca Stevens) perform live at Blue Whale in LA, CA. The three perform “Tillery” written by Becca Stevens with poetry by Jane Tyson Clement and Becca Stevens.

TILLERY will head into the studio in January, 2014. Recorded by Pete Rende.

TWAIN is chosen best of 2013 in Jazz on iTunes.



TWAIN is selected as one of the 10 best Jazz albums of 2013 by the editors of iTunes!

iTunes best of 2013

Rebecca Martin and Larry Grenadier. December in Europe.




Rebecca Martin and Larry Grenadier are heading out to Europe in December.  Live performances in AuxerreParis and Zurich.

The pair will also be teaching at the Conservatoire de Paris.

Rebecca Martin. Born To Be Blue

TWAIN Catapults to #1 in Jazz in France. Martin Featured on Art of the Song Nationwide on Public Radio. West Coast Performance in August.


Rebecca Martin’s latest recording TWAIN, a collaboration with longtime partner bassist Larry Grenadier and produced by Pete Rende was catapulted to the #1 spot in Jazz in France on iTunes and Amazon.  Revered music critic MICHEL CONTAT who writes for Telerama France, one of the largest publications in the country, gives the album four stars:

“TWAIN: The miraculous alchemy between a singer and bass player”
Rebecca Martin and Larry Grenadier are a couple who play together and separately, as he is also known for his key role as bassist in the famous Brad Mehldau Trio. We were introduced to them together through their enchanting disc When I Was Long Ago” (2010 Sunnyside), where the famous singer totally reinterpreted standards with a spell singing verses rarely included in the reference versions. This time, the deputy is a pianist and a drummer, and the very discreet duo assert a familiar song (“Sophisticated Lady”) with others that are all original that sound old and with a unique intimate beauty. We cannot overstate the importance of sincerity, as with Rebecca Martin, it is built entirely in art. Her voice is that of the love and confidence of maternal comfort. How the bass lines support is love itself. Such a disk is something miraculous in the avalanche of vocal jazz. - Michel Contat

Earlier this year, NATE CHINEN of the New York Times featured Martin in a full page Arts & Leisure piece titled “A Voice That Leaps Between Genres” proclaiming her work as an inspiration to a generation of jazz singers.


“Ms. Martin is a vocalist with an earnest and unaffected style and a songwriter of unforced insight…the new album also highlights a shift toward original material and folky ambience by a generation of singers, some of whom see Ms. Martin as a touchstone.”  - Nate Chinen

Her sensitivity through singing, songs and a long standing commitment to community organizing landed her a spot as featured artist on Art of the Song, the public radio program heard nationwide over 150 stations. This hour long program celebrates the creativity of musicians who they believe are a ‘profound agent for community and for change.’  Listen here.

Fans on the West Coast in August will have the opportunity to hear Martin and Grenadier who will both be teaching in SAN FRANCISCO, CA at the Stanford Jazz Workshop and performing in LOS ANGELES, CA at THE BLUE WHALE located at 123 Astronaut E S Onizuka Street  Suite 301 LA, CA on Saturday, August 10th. Doors at 8:00pm with a showtime at 9:00pm. Tickets are $15. Visit www.bluewhalemusic.com for more information.

 For further information or to request an interview or music, please contact Patrice Fehlen at September Gurl Music, 718.768.3859 or patrice@septembergurl.com.